Welcome to Omaha's River Valley Corvette Club

River Valley Corvette Club is a group of Corvette enthusiasts. The purpose of this club is to organize social events and meet people with similar interests. If you own a Corvette or just enjoy them, anyone is welcome to join. There are no club dues and no expenses. To join, just give us permission to put your name on the River Valley email list. All we ask is for you to provide input once a year. Your input can be a planned event or a suggestion for an activity such as an event cruise, football party, picnic, winery cruise, dinner cruise, car show, auto-x, etc... Our goal is to organize one major road trip a year.

RVCC Garage Tour

We cruise to a member’s garage after a short cruise, bring pizza and talk about cars. Events are planned to go quickly as to not interfere with your daily plans. Bring your own chairs and drinks. Visit the calendar of events page for details on dates and times.